At home at Rutjensland

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Since July 2003 we have been providing overnight stays for guests, each with their own purpose. Cyclists and walkers passing through or exploring the beautiful Betuwe and/or the Veluwe. Visitors to events and attractions in the area and guests at a family celebration in the vicinity. Guests with many different nationalities. Sometimes also with different nationalities at the breakfast table, which gives an extra dimension to a day B&B.
In recent years, however, many things have changed on the B&B site. The demands of our guests have increased. For example, many accommodations have a private bathroom per room. We do not comply with that. That investment in our specific historic home is irresponsible. In order to meet the wishes to some extent, we have reduced the number of rooms to be rented out from 4 to 2.

With horror we see the exaggerated breakfast tables during the program
Bed and breakfast. How much waste will that be!
Our rooms are equipped with good beds, TV, refrigerator and WiFi (fiber optic). We do not provide breakfast. If you would like to prepare a meal yourself, you can do so in our fully equipped separate kitchen that we have built in part of the barn. There is also a washing machine and a dryer. If available, the Sanidoos can also be used.
Furthermore, our rooms are simply furnished.

Behind that simplicity lies a concept. Simplicity does not have to be expensive and that makes our accommodation accessible for many people. Of course we assist you in finding nice routes along places of interest in our region.
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